SOG Vulcan AND Mini-Vulcan

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    I'm selling (or trading) two knives that I don't need. Both are new and unused, but I didn't keep the box..they just went into the vault.

    They are: SOG Vulcan (VL-01) and a Mini-Vulcan (VL-02). Retail prices are
    $175/150, sale prices usually around $80/70. These knives are what would commonly be called "assisted opening" as they aren't true automatics, nor are they a straight gravity knife. But with a little push on the blades rear and a flick, the blades pop out nicely. Very solid locks too..

    Without boxes, I'll sell for $80/70. I am looking for an AR15 upper receiver, and would be happy to trade for one, especially a Vltor for which of course I'll have to add something extra unless you have a used one.

    Buyer would pay actual shipping via USPS priority mail with a delivery confirmation number (tracking number) at $5.00, unless FTF which is of course without shipping.

    The large one has sold, the small one is still available.

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