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We will be performing a software update tomorrow morning requiring us to close for a while.

The update will begin at 5:30AM PST. Estimated downtime is 1 hour.

Update Notes
  1. Posting and editing member feedback will be disabled after the site is reopened while we import old feedback into the new feedback system. You will know it has been completed once you see the Post Feedback buttons again.
  2. With nearly 135k feedback records, this is a big migration. If you see anything strange, no matter how small, please open a ticket ASAP.

The first part of the update went as planned, you'll find the list of changes below.

Unfortunately, we hit a small snag with the feedback migration which requires us to leave posting new feedback disabled until it's resolved. Watch this thread, I'll post an update as soon as it's re-enabled.

As always, if you have any questions, comments, or problems, please open a ticket :s0155:

Changes & Updates

Updated Feature: Member Feedback

The feedback portion of the new Classifieds System has replaced the old feedback system in preparation for the upcoming launch. Existing member feedback has been imported into the new system.

New Feature: New link destination account preference

We've changed the default destination of the new tab/button to the new content overview page (rather than the new posts page). Because different members use the site for different purposes, we've added an account preference allowing you to specify where the new tab/button takes you.

New Feature: X per page account preference

This option allows members to customize how many threads, posts, conversations, and conversation messages are shown per page. This is a Supporting Member feature (Platinum+).

  • Updated default destination of new tab and new button to new content overview page.
  • Unhid and added disabled style to disabled buttons (rather than hiding) to avoid confusion when buttons are missing.
  • Added highlight to unwatch button when viewing watched content.
  • Added member tooltips to usernames below conversation title when viewing conversations.
  • Added ticket styling to watched tickets page.
  • Increased margin below standalone tabs.
  • Updated share button style for consistency across devices.
  • Updated and standardized status icon colors.
  • Updated and standardized vendor icons.
  • Fixed CTA button border causing misalignment in dark mode.
  • Fixed `structItem--note` text and background colors in dark mode.
  • Added padding above alert date and mark read line to increase touch/click target size.
  • Added float right to alert mark read/unread link for consistency across devices.

  • Added new link destination account preference.
  • Added explanation to automatically watch content options.
  • Added notice reminding members using 2FA to save their backup codes.
  • Added preference for showing unread ad indicator on new system classifieds tab.
  • Added preference for changing classifieds view style.

Discussion Forum
  • Fixed unwatch category button tooltip.
  • Hide thread status below threads which do not have two or more replies.
  • Fixed style of replace solution overlay for question threads.
  • Added poll term before title of poll threads for easier identification.

Classifieds System (old)
  • Updated Post New Ad button to trigger category chooser to reduce number of ads posted in wrong section.
  • Configured ad limits for groups with limited ads.
  • Migrated member feedback to new classifieds system.
  • Disabled old member feedback system.

Classifieds System (new)
  • Added classified ad categories button to index and category pages.
  • Removed ad categories drop-down from sitelinks.
  • Disabled index and category map pages for redevelopment.
  • Added ad owner status icons indicating an ad can be bumped or relisted.
  • Updated map code to match style of light/dark mode choice.
  • Added dot between ad type and location for search results.
  • Removed padding to left of feedback icon for search results.
  • Added next bump date to bump ad overlay.
  • Added option to lock questions when closing ad.
  • Migrated member feedback from old classifieds system.

Ignore System
  • Added option to add reason when ignoring discussion categories and threads.
  • Added highlight to ignore button when viewing ignored content.
  • Added notice when viewing ignored thread.
  • Added notice when viewing thread within ignored discussion category.

  • Added overlays displaying information when disabled buttons are used to provide more information to members.
  • Added dismissable notice location above p-body-content.
  • Added notice for self-serve ad portal to advertising page.
  • Added notice for viewing an ignored discussion category or thread.
  • Added notice for question threads marked as answered.
  • Updated welcome notice code.
  • Updated notices for question and solution threads.
  • Fixed block message error notice padding.

Resource Guide
  • Hide permanently closed resources from map view pages.
  • Hide resources outside our region from map view pages.
  • Added Resource Manager designation to posts by resource managers within resource discussion threads.
  • Removed double border at bottom of resource guide resource lists.

  • Updated new resource reviews widget display from full to simple on new content overview page.
  • Added view more button to new media, new resource reviews, and upcoming events widgets.
  • Increased number of photos displayed in new media widget.
  • Updated new media widget to pause scrolling when hovered.
  • Fixed title of similar event threads widget.
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First post updated :s0155:

Please note this line about feedback:

Unfortunately, we hit a small snag with the feedback migration which requires us to leave posting new feedback disabled until it's resolved. Watch this thread, I'll post an update as soon as it's re-enabled.
The feedback migration is now complete! Apologies for the delay, that was some serious work :confused:

As always, if you have any questions, comments, feedback, or problems, please open a ticket :s0155:

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