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All set! :)

As always, if you have any questions, comments, or problems, please open a ticket :s0155:

  • Disabled viewing of member profiles for guests for increased member privacy.
  • Disabled "Posted by" search field for guests for increased member privacy.
  • Moved "Your threads" and "Threads with your posts" navigation links to "Your content".
  • Moved discussion forum sub-categories to drop-down to clean up UI.
  • Updated mobile sidenav menu button phrases.
  • Updated mobile sidenav menu button styling for better contrast.
  • Updated style for comments and comment replies for consistency across site.
  • Updated editor BB code toggle icon for consistency.
  • Updated highlighting of editor BB code button when toggled.
  • Added highlighting to editor more options buttons when active.
  • Added background to editor more options button bars for better contrast.
  • Adjusted vertical alignment of filter bar items.
  • Fixed alert width on mobile alert menu.
  • Added bottom border to last alert on mobile alert menu.
  • Removed focus-visible outline from tabs.
  • Added ignored content page links to ignored content notices.
  • Added additional error notices.
  • Added monthly donation note to upgrade purchase page.
  • Fixed border below current page indicator.
  • Fixed bug which added border below nav tabs in Safari.
  • Added border radius to comment replies.
  • Enabled group mentions and viewing of mentioned group members.
  • Added section headers to account details page.
  • Added sign up CTA above guest-only banner ads.
  • Added header to conversation sidenav.
  • Added padding above input field explanations.
  • Updated mobile navigation menu content count indicator style.
  • Updated mobile navigation menu app install banner style.
  • Increased mobile button bar contrast for better daytime visibility.
  • Changed search tab title from threads to forum.
  • Updated advanced search button to link to search page for currently viewed section.
  • Fixed style of search suggestion box on search results page.
  • Added note about unwanted emails above email preferences.
  • Updated thread redirect style to match threads.
  • Updated icon for Twitter / X.
  • Removed album tab from member profile pages.
  • Added edit phrase after tag edit icon for clarity.
  • Fixed standalone tab borders on mobile devices.
  • Removed capitalization from items on minor menus.
  • Updated mobile sidenav menu trigger button phrases for clarity.
  • Updated various submit buttons for better visibility.
  • Removed icons from various buttons for better visibility.
  • Updated similar threads widget to hide overflow when displaying threads with long titles.
  • Updated new content pages to use side navigation on mobile devices.
  • Updated find thread pages to use side navigation on mobile devices.
  • Fixed form separator width on start new thread page.
  • Adjusted node icon color for better contrast.
  • Changed message notice width to fit content.
  • Fixed bug which added margin-bottom to p-body-content notice container when notices are hidden.

Classifieds System (new)
  • Added comments feature to classified ads.
  • Added Top Traders block to Notable Members page.
  • Added filter notice to classifieds system search page.
  • Removed account preference disabling new classifieds system beta.
  • Removed ad type prefixes from classifieds system alerts.
  • Removed category from question attribution line to clean up UI.
  • Removed blank space above feedback filter pop-up.
  • Updated feedback filter phrases for clarity.
  • Added close icon to classified ad categories menu on mobile devices.
  • Fixed alignment of new ad count indicator on mobile navigation menu.
  • Fixed alignment of no photo icons in search results.
  • Added recent ads headers to feedback association drop-down.

Resource Guide
  • Updated index and category header buttons to match Classifieds System.
  • Added category sidenav widget to match Classifieds System.
  • Added additional error notices to disabled buttons.
  • Removed state links from index page.
  • Removed resources by state sublinks.
  • Updated question attribution line to match Classifieds System.
  • Removed category from question attribution line to clean up UI.
  • Removed category from review attribution line to clean up UI.
  • Added widgets to latest questions and latest reviews pages.
  • Updated review summary block style.
  • Updated helpful reviews block style.
  • Removed resource title link from message attribution on resource question pages.
  • Updated filters to properly display permanently closed resources.

Media Gallery
  • Added album owner indicator to media comments.
  • Updated news feed rating phrase for media items and albums.
  • Updated add media chooser.
  • Updated media comment styling.
  • Removed signatures from media comments.
  • Fixed border around media comment box.
  • Fixed tag style on media view pages.
  • Updated button and menu phrases for consistency.

  • Updated map style to match member light/dark style.
  • Fixed permission issue preventing event creators from editing event information.
  • Fixed icon overlap within upcoming dates block.
  • Replaced address with city and state on upcoming events list.
  • Reduced size of map preview on event submission page.
  • Removed end date option from event submission page to reduce complexity.
  • Removed recurring option from event submission page to reduce complexity.
  • Updated explanations on event edit and submission pages for clarity.
  • Updated event schema.
  • Removed RSVP control from event header to help avoid RSVPing for the wrong date.
  • Changed RSVP and More Options icons to buttons for ease of use.
  • Added CTA style to RSVP button.
  • Added bold style to RSVP list link if more than one member has RSVP'd to an event.
  • Added indicator below event header date indicating additional dates below.
  • Added heavy border around currently viewed event date for events with multiple dates.
  • Updated event phrases and tooltips.

Help Center
  • Fixed issue with Start New Thread button not showing in Community Help & Feedback category.
  • Added guest notice about previous tickets to ticket chooser.
  • Added help center notice to ticket chooser.
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