We will be performing a software update the morning of Thursday, September 1st, 2022, requiring us to close beginning at 6:00AM PST.

Estimated downtime is 30 minutes.

All set! :)

Changes & Updates
  • Updated supporter icon code for mobile devices.
  • Fixed background color on login overlay blocks.
  • Updated write before registering phrases.
  • Updated write before registering notices on login and register pages.
  • Removed redundant search only titles option from quick search drop-down.
  • Removed header stats from activity summary email.
  • Updated order of tabs on search page.
  • Updated tab titles on search page.
  • Updated enable push notifications notice.
  • Moved mobile sidenav trigger button back to original position above p-body-content.
  • Updated header link code.
  • Updated time digest, activity summary, and inactivity emails are sent.
  • Added explanations to conversation settings.
  • Increased width of p-body-inner.
  • Fixed bug in title of supporting member expiration email.
  • Fixed bug with activity summary and digest email section headers.
  • Fixed bug incorrectly displaying ad approval required notice.
  • Classifieds System: Fixed invalid title bug on contact page.
  • Classifieds System: Added category sponsor information to header on category map view pages.
  • Classifieds System: Fixed state display on new classified ads sidebar widget.
  • Classifieds System: Reduced size of no photo and wanted icons for mobile devices on ad list pages.
  • Classifieds System: Removed sidenav from latest questions page for guests.
  • Help System: Fixed display of help topic header for mobile devices.
  • Resource Guide: Added view list button to index and category map view pages.
  • Resource Guide: Added view resource button to claim view page.
  • Resource Guide: Updated review update overlay to match new review overlay.
  • Resource Guide: Changed filter phrase from keyword to name for clarity.
  • Resource Guide: Changed resource submission phrase.
  • Resource Guide: Changed review last updated phrase.
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