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We'll be updating the site tomorrow morning at 7AM PST. This is a fairly small update which won't require us to close the site, but you may notice some odd behavior for an hour or two afterward (if so, please let us know).

Edit: All set!

Update Changes
  • Added option to disable alert bell animation.
  • Added button to use large editor for content submissions.
  • Removed a step in uploaded photo insertions.
  • Improved Dark Mode colors and styling.
  • Fixed insert quote button position in conversation_add.
  • Added view more buttons below what's new overview page widgets.
  • Resource Guide: Fixed space behind street address on resource view.
  • Resource Guide: Added padding to top of guidelines block on add/edit page.
  • Resource Guide: Removed CSS I added to align map item stars.
  • Media Gallery: Changed margin and background of embedded media container.
Last Edited:
I'm not liking the new alerts format (on Android). I like the old style much better. The new style seems less informative and then transports you out after marking all read. The old colors were better as well.


A lot of gripes about classified scammers. Could their join date be made to appear just beneath their avatar? That would be just one more easily verified way to critique some users.
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