I'm going to be honest, I've been shooting for about ten years now and I'm a lazy shooter. I don't clean like I should, my storage is a pile of ammo boxes that nobody but me understands the organization of, and I've never given thought to what's inside the gun storage cases I've bought. Until last wekeend.

Read an article talking about "closed cell" foam being far better for storing guns long or short term than "pluck-and-pull" foam since it doesn't allow moisture or foam pieces to get into the works of the firearm its stored with. All my new guns that had a case have come in pistol cases with that same soft egg crate "pick-n-pull" type although obviously already shaped or just a sheet cut to fit the box. Are these harder foam "closed cell" sheets really better for the gun? Anyone have any real world experience with foam pieces getting in your gun or that soft stuff giving you rust scares or any kind of moisture issues (and is that even an issue if its kept in an indoor living space even though its rainy NW Oregon/Washington?

Some of my nicer guns I'm going to start trying to get fancier and more responsible with so probably going to get a knock off Pelican case from Harbor Freight and get some sheets of harder foam to cut silhouettes for the gun, mags, and in the case of my Desert Eagle the 2nd barrel. Depending how this goes and what it ends up costing vs. house repairs I could see myself going either way but I'd love some opinions from a bit more higher class or folks with more consideration for their firearm's health/longevity.
Foam will eventually break down, especially when oil is introduced, and will leave a nasty mess that may or may not be possible to clean from the gun.
Saw this previously, maybe of interest to you.

Speaking of getting organized and foam inserts and such.... I'm a big fan of the foam factory. Very nice products and quite affordable for DIY projects.

IE., Doing up your own case club type ammo can inserts for mags/pistols or the like.. and I like to put a layer down in the bottom of ammo cans for cushioning... as well as an egg foam in the lid to keep everything from shifting.

My favorite for building pistol ammo can inserts is the 2.2lb 1/2" closed cell sheets. Last one I bought was a full sheet (48"x108") and has kept me in stock for a good while now.

Throw some lock studs on your can and it makes a perfect "safe"/bugout can.

Thinner closed cell foam works real good on a reloading bench as well.

Just an idea.

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I don't leave my guns in foam cases. It's just a bad idea. If you must store them in the case, take the foam out. Easy.

That said, closed cell foam is much easier to cut and work with than pick n pluck. Holds up much better too. YMMV.

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