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Dear Sobo,

I just tried to answer you in that one thread and it is now closed up.

So here you go!

No, it was an actual letter and some old retired people (CLOSE and best friends of mine in peace officer work.) that I knew back east even discussed this with me over the telephone. I asked them if they had seen the LETTER and not just a department memo that was ALL over the news (Online, in newspapers, on the radio and boob tube. I only have free OTA tv stations.) and not just on fairly sane (LOL) regular or looney tune forums.

HIS relatives in the Sheriff's Department and some of their cousins in a city police department KNEW about it too. HE was retired. So from me talking to them AND with other friends who had their connections - they knew it was NOT some hoax in the news or online bs story that spread.

Departments across the country KNEW about the 'letter' and as I said, I am pretty sure the BIG one that I saw was from the state of Missouri. I am going to see if I can find it AGAIN and it was BEFORE 2009 and it was NOT some DHS link as you posted which I did know about. That is another thing which I will not go into now. There have been MANY DHS REPORTS that were declassified and other ones which we may NEVER KNOW ABOUT too! Some were hoax reports too. Just to STIR UP poop on the R/L and L/R.

Side note: My old friends in the Great Lakes region - boonies/farm/lake country and in SEVERAL places on the East Coast KNEW about the real letter so it was not some 'hoax' - it was a real deal. So the geography was all over the place and other connections knew about this too. ALL parts of the country. It was NOT a BOLO type of posting but it was a VERY specific letter that seemed to be AIMED at ONLY R wing people or even MIDDLE of the road - MODERATE people with strong and VERY SPECIFIC beliefs in gun and constitution rights. So that threw those MODERATE PEOPLE - VOTERS into the the MIX too!

Then add in ALL Veterans and there are MANY good ones and a few bad ones out there. They come in all flavors and political parties/leanings. BUT to LUMP them into THAT LETTER like some nut job or home grown this or that like you even see NOW or when Obama was in and LONG BEFORE Obama got elected... well... that is pathetic!

The current news is saying this all over the place now. Homegrown this or that or terrorists. BEFORE January 2021 and especially AFTER January 6, 2021.

Take care. I hope that you are all healed up now.

Prayers for your health.

Blessings across the miles too.

PS: I am slow in typing and I was behind in reading this forum. I did not get to answer you since that thread is closed up. Sorry but I had other things to do while my computer was on.
@Catherine1 Thank you for the personal response. Would really like to see a copy of that letter someday, if you should find it again.
If you do find it and want to post it, please do redact all personally identifiable information that is inappropriate to put online.

@Camelfilter And thanks to you for the alert. Doubt I would have seen this thread otherwise.
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