So you want to know where all the Washington fish are?

Caveman Jim
A riveted boat???:eek::eek::eek: Well then again you do fish for bass...:s0140::s0140::s0140:
In all seriousness brother, you are a fisherman and most people don't have it in em to be patient while waiting for a bite.:D

I just am so disgusted at how the fisheries have ranked due to the rules about the Wild versus hatchery fiasco!!! Just do your Dam n jobs and produce fish that we can catch already!!!:mad:
I’m seriously going to start lobbying WDFW commission about adopting a Lake only license, I’m tired of paying into the salmon/steelhead/halibut/sturgeon gross mismanagement.
But then again it’s just a matter of time before they totally bubblegum up the lakes...:eek::eek::eek:
Uh, I live in Idaho and the Washington License I buy is for Fresh Water only, and I don't buy tags so it's basically everything BUT Salmon/Steelhead/Sturgeon..
Washington AIN'T what it used to be...

I left here 40 years ago. We fished both commercially as well as for pleasure. Back then we could keep virtually any species of fish we caught. Now all I buy is fresh water, but mostly because we're so far from salt water. No endorsements, yet. Mostly trout and bass.

Now you have to be a strategic analyst just to figure out where you can fish, what you can fish for, how you can catch them, when you can fish, how many you can keep, and what size is legal vs. non. You then need to do the same when you move ten miles away to fish the same or another lake or stream.

It's just unbelievable. And yes, seeing all of the fish caught before they hit Washington waters is another waste.

And I don't even want to DISCUSS what's happened to the hunting regs and areas. I'll have to hire a legal team to figure that one out.
Caveman Jim
Decided to go to the harbor in a friends boat, we looked at the regs and it has been open since the 23rd...:eek: If I’d have only known I’d have been fishing on the 23rd!!!!:oops:
On the way there we had a tire on his trailer explode, he’d just had Les Schwaber do his bearings earlier in the week and two of the lug bolts were finger tight!!!:eek::eek:

Launched with no complaints or competition at 7:45 at a slack tide before the incoming at 8:30..
We drowned green cut plug herring today and at 9 my partner hooks up seconds after he lamented about “time for a hookup Jim.”:D
Did I mention that my friend gets excited when he fights a fish??? It’s almost like he’s on a dance floor, hilarious to say the least.
After a good battle I was able to slide the net under an 8# ocean fresh unclipped hatchery fish (WDFW called them “Wild” fish). So bright it hurt our eyes.
We trolled around till noon when a rod goes of and I jump to it first and after a short fight a feisty fat Coho jack is netted and bled out and joined the big girl in the kill bag.
That was the extent of my day on the Harbor, good conversations, excellent tire changing skills and catching those fish was a bonus.:cool:

Be safe out there.




@Caveman Jim Les Schwab ain what they used to be.

I switched to Commercial Tire and the local establishment screwed me.... didn't tell me I needed front end work on my 2002 Silverado 3500 Duramax dually until they were done mounting the $1200 worth of tires. Then said they wouldn't warranty the tires unless I had $1499 worth of front end work. I had the work done, but the PU drove horribly, couldn't keep it in the lane on the freeway. Took it back and after 4hours they said I needed $1650 of additional work. The brown stuff hit the fan and I had a nice chat with the general mgr after the asst mgr gave me schit. After an hour, we settled on me paying for parts and them eating $1500 worth of labor. When I picked it up, the mech guy said it drove perfectly/beautifully on a test drive, but it still needs a steering box for another $890. Argh!! I drove it, it's better but still schit with 6" of play in the steering. GRRRRRRRR!!! Not using that place any more... their mech sucks and their policy of not doing a complete inspection is ridiculous... All this stuff could have been found before they put the tires on. Result is $5200 into a $7400 pickup truck. Had I known ahead of time, I would have traded it in!!!!!! But I didn't pay the full labor, and I'm going to have my stepson do the steering box, so I'm not totally screwed, just 3/4 screwed. I do have new tires tho. :rolleyes:

Sorry for the drift.

Rant off...
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