So when the new laws are all said and done

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    How are the people going to feel that paid thousands of dollars too much for there AR's and AK's going to feel if they don't get banned? Even if they are banned are we going to be able to resell them on forums such as this?

    I see these rifles on other forums going for thousands of dollars more than what they are really worth wondering how hard that must be to gamble like that. Rock River AR going for $4000 with 2 mags? bubblegum that must have hurt. I read on another forum were a guy went to a gun store in Bellevue and the owner there told him his AR that had a retail price of (at a notmal store) of $1200 was now worth $4000 and that is how much he wanted. Weather or not he sold it I have no idea.

    Even the people that are paying $50+ for AR mags that should be going for $13. Sorry if you are one of them but man that is alot of money to some of us. I was lucky enough to pick up some lowers and some mags at normal prices and I am sure some of you were too. Not ripping on anyone's pricing on this site at all.
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    ultimately any new ban will be patterned after Kommiefornia...

    I don't see 3000$ bushmasters there....
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    People are paying a high price for certainty. That's what it comes down to. You can order a new AR or PMAGs today at normal may just not get it for a while, or ever. You're hoping that:

    1. Sale of these rifles/mags/etc. are not banned at the Federal level
    2. Sale of these rifles/mags/etc. are not banned at the State level
    3. In some states, there is no ban at the municipal level. In Oregon this is not possible because local municipalities can't legislate their own gun laws.
    4. The threat of a ban does not hang unresolved for years to come, keeping panic level high.

    Of course, there is also the threat of an Australian-style mandatory buyback.

    If the AR-15 (to pick an example) were banned in your state with California-style rules, then it would be impossible to sell it locally here. I think (but am not a lawyer, etc.) that if you lived in California, you can sell it to someone in, say, Idaho, but you can't transfer (even via inheritance) to another Californian. So theoretically you could sell it here only if it crossed state lines (and the recipient lived in a state where it was legal) and of course it would have to go through an FFL.

    In California, for non-banned weapons, there are still forum classifieds. I sold a gun there in 1999 via a posting on USENET's rec.guns as I recall. We just had to meet at a gun store to complete the transaction.

    That's the thing - "really worth". Is a select-fire M-16 "really worth" $20,000+? To me, no. To someone, yes, because that's what they sell for and have for years.

    What would really suck is if you put your AR-15 up for consignment at a store with a price tag of $800 and it sold before you could call the store and ask them to increase the price :)
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    With or without the gun ban impact, an additional factor may come to dominate the marketplace in 6-24 months. That is -- The value of the gun staying the same and the value of the US dollar falling by 20-50%. This would effect all purchases and guns are just another commodity.
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    Quit worrying about what might happen, and get politically active so it does not.

    My suggestion is to reduce the restrictions we now have, and put that money into mental health treatment. If enough people put that forward to the congress (and legislators) critters, we could just get something that would actually help.

    Look at the Stats for Chicago, Newark, NJ, and WDC...then look at the stats for Seattle or some other city that has fewer restriction.

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