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Discussion in 'General Firearm Discussion' started by mpperales, Jun 20, 2012.

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    SO I sent my Sig SP2022 barrel to an individual to get polished. Excellent feedback ratings for this person on eBay. Well over 140 transactions at 100% positive feedback for this person and the work he does...

    All communication is documented...

    1) He receives barrel on 6-13-13

    2) Complete work on 6-14-12 and says it will be mailed on 6-15-12 via Priority Mail and he will send me tracking information...

    3) NO tracking info sent on 6-15 or 6-16.

    4) I -email him to ask for tracking and he says he got tied up for Father's Day and will update me that night....6-17-12

    5) He provides tracking information...USPS Delivery Confirmation. EXCEPT the number does not I ask him about it.

    6) He says his PO sometimes scans things wrong but it was 100% mailed on Friday 6-15-12.

    7) On 6-18-12 I finally get an e-mail he sends to confirm it was shipped. He encloses the image of the Delivery Confirmation slip with my info...but NO postmark....Hmmmm

    8) I ask him WHY it is not postmarked and why...using the number he provided...the DC number shows only that it was acknowledged for pick up on 6-19-12. There is NO proof - verifiable proof.

    8) As of 6-18-12 he is not returning e-mails and will not respond to any communications...and the DC number status has not changed.

    SO...can I contact his local police to discuss mail fraud or theft? Any options? Am I being too impatient (the lack of communication and lies have the warning signals going off..) Again - ALL communications have been documented.
  2. MrNiceGuy

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    I'd say you're being too impatient.

    It sounds like he got a little overzealous about his turnaround time.

    As far as USPS, I have had many things mailed to me through USPS and the tracking number rarely works before the package is at my door.
    They are by far the worst in my experience.

    If you didnt pay for overnight shipping, it could be days or even weeks to ship.
    We finally received a package last night that was shipped over 2 weeks ago through USPS. They blamed bottlenecking in areas affected by postal closings and new regulations.
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  3. deen_ad

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    Relax and have a beer, everything is in order as was previously posted. The scans don't always work and I've also had stuff delivered before the scan was updated.
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  4. Toxic6

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    I'd give it a couple days - if it shipped priority on Friday, it may not have actually gotten out until Monday (if it was taken to the post office in the afternoon). the "tracking" numbers don't work the same as ups/fedex. The post office told me they only guarantee the number to show when it is delivered, and that sometimes you get bonus hits on the when it is scanned at major depots and updates in the computer system.

    More then a week for priority mail i might start an ebay complaint - especially if he has a delivery time listed (you can redact them later - you did say ebay right?) then compound it from there depending on how the situation played out. Just what i would do.
  5. BillM

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    +1 to that^^^. The USPS scan and package tracking system is a joke.
  6. mpmax

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    The post office wants you to wait 30 days before they start looking for the package.
  7. csp243

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    I would take a chill pill bro. Give it some time, his work may be worth the wait.
  8. DieselScout

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    I agree with everyone who says relax. I have had package shipped to me and I am super impatient, I tend to check tracking numbers 2-3 times a day. Anyway, I have had the tracking number from USPS that won't work through their site. Same situation, the seller shipped it, but here I am with a number that doesn't work thinking the guy is trying to screw me. A few days later I end up with the package in hand. Just for bubblegums and giggles I run the number again, still no details, USPS website says it's a bad number. It's happened to me a bunch of times.
  9. Mark W.

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    WHAT tracking number? I have shipped hundreds of packages with the Post office I have never gotten a tracking number. A delievery confrimation number sure all the time. But the only tracking the post office has is on insured packages and certified or registered mail and then only the post office it self can track it.

    You want a tracking number use UPS or FED EX
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  10. TCOV

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    I sell on ebay and use the usps priority tracking on everything i ship. If they say acknowledged for pick up on 6/19 then the post office scaned it on that date at the location where it was mailed. He may have dropped it off after the last truck pickup or not told you the correct date he mailed it. My guess you will get it friday or saturday and the tracking may not change before you get it. No big deal, just be calm and it will be ok. The usps tracking is sometimes lacking but I have used all the mailing services and the usps is no doubt the best of the bunch. I mean no doubt.
    Actually the service is not called tracking but sold as delivery confirmation. What shows is each time the package is scanned and that gives you a pretty good idea when it will be delivered. The other services may have better tracking but the cost is a lot more and they may run their truck over your package a couple times just for fun.
  11. jonn5335

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    Its only been 5 days hold your horses calm down relax and take a chill pill I'd give it a week or two to come in the mail and take it from there

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