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Hey every one I'm new to competitive shooting in the sense that I have never competed in trying to find nrl 22 matches or bench rest 22 matches I live in salem but would drive anywhere within 3 hours for a shooting competition. Does anyone know where to start looking I saw that the Douglas gun club has a match coming up on the 11th but it requires a rifle and a pistol and it doesn't really say very much more.which makes me think it is more of a tactical or high speed low drag kind of match. I don't have access to a Facebook account so I can't look on there and was surprised there isn't a nrl 22 forum on here so if anyone could point me in the right direction it would be appreciated.
July 13th we will have a .22 PRS type match in Eugene at Izaak Walton range. It's not NRL affiliated, but same game.
OP has been bitten by the speed steel/rimfire challenge/steel challenge bug!
NRL matches might be on the back burner for a while. 🤣
In fact, he's squadded with me and we'll be shooting the speed steel match at ARPC a little later this morning. :cool:
I know Clark Rifles has a rimfire bench match on Thursdays.

PM me if this interests you and I will get the full set of details from a couple of guys I know who regularly shoot that match.

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