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So far so good with RRC and a custom order

Discussion in 'RRC Firearms' started by DEADTIME, Jan 9, 2013.


    DEADTIME Coeur D alene Active Member

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    I ordered a black Forge Vepr AK-47 with a folding tubular stock and a nice trigger about 5 weeks ago or so and so far the communication from RRC has been excellent. I've been emailed a few times that they are working on the order and it will be in soon and they have the extra mags I ordered.

    When you hand someone almost 1700 bucks it can make you nervous to wait so long but the contact and honesty has been great. I'm hoping to scoop up another AK from RRC but this time I want a 74 so I'm keeping an eye on their website.

    The only suggestion would be a just in area on their website so you can see instantly if they have gotten any new rifles or magazines in stock rather than making you dig through their lists of items. That and selling me what I want before releasing it all to the rest of you rabble.....hey I can dream can't I?

    Overall I'm very happy with RRC and would suggest them to anyone who wants an honest dealer who stays in touch.
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    Thank you for the good word and the custom order. Regarding the easy to find area for products, with the low availability of items I try to put the in-stock items on the front page but its hard to keep up with so much moving in and out.