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    So my Daughter (in her 30's ex Navy Corpsman) She is a Triage Nurse for a Large Pediatric Clinic in Portland. She works at home 4 days a week in the office on the 5th.

    With cold and flu season
    the looming immunization deadline for Oregon Schools
    and the Heavy metal in the air crap in SE Portland

    Her normal 80-100 calls a day from Parents has shot up to over 150

    I'll bet you would never guess but a lot of these people for various reasons are not very polite on the phone.

    SO the other day I catch a post from her on FACEBOOK about for the first time in years she had to walk away from her desk she couldn't handle the stupid the rude the etc. Now this is a girl who worked in Field Hospitals in Iraq when the real fighting was going on! So I knew she needed a way to blow off some steam.

    I have been working on my 48 Willys Jeep project so much I haven't pulled a trigger for almost a year.

    I asked her if she would like to go shoot something (I also figured I should get something out of this years dues at the Gun Club!) She jumps at the chance. So I tell her I will pick her up Sunday morning and not to worry I'll bring everything she needs (her and her husband just have a couple hunting rifles and their EDC's) so I pack up the M1 carbine (she is a very small gal so the carbine is a Fav) my fully adjustable Savage MKII FVT I built a super wild bench rest stock for, The Ruger 22-45, and my little Charter Arms Undercover in .38+P

    We start with the pistols turns out she brought a Beretta Neos (funny looking .22) and was having trouble with the mags feeding. So she did some shooting with my Ruger. Then I handed her the little 38 and HUGE smiles as she banged away a box of ammo I chatted up a couple of the guys shooting next to us one with a real nice Remington target 22.

    So we decide we need to run down to the other end of the short range to get in some rifle time before the afternoon Bowling ball shoot event closes the short range (way to nasty out for the long range) I set her up to blast away with the carbine for a while. She loves shooting it but its not accurate enough for her level of shooting skill so we switched to the Savage .22 (with good ammo at 50 yards it will shoot .300" 5 shot groups) She got a huge grin when she saw how accurate it was and proceeded to blow the center out of a target.

    As we packed up it was obvious this was just the stress relieving she needed. On the way home we talk about how the grand daughters are turning 8 and 9 and are of a maturity that its time to start them shooting. So in a couple weekends Grandpa and his fancy Savage Target .22 is going to teach them the basics and get them started with some bench rest shooting I have both Target peeps and a Mueller scope for the Savage so it will be perfect. They are to small to shoot standing and the only rifle I have that can be made to fit them is way to heavy for them anyway.

    SO we talk about if the girls are into shooting I would do what it takes to get them involved with the Junior program at the club, my daughter is all for that. Knowing their finances are tight I told her not to worry Grandpa would cover all the ammo and any other costs.

    My Daughters says oh you don't need to worry about ammo! I said well .22 in hard to find and I have a bunch.

    Then she says Oh don't worry about that we have a couple huge cases of .22 at home!!! I said you mean bricks? She says NO Cases!!!! And holds her hands out to the rough size of a case of 5000.

    Turns out her brother inlaw had a best bud that passed away and this guy was some sort of range master somewhere and left everything to the best friend my daughters brother in law. She said the reason the brother inlaws air stream trailer is parked at her place is the space it used to fit in at the brother inlaws garage is now filled with brass and ammo and reloading supplies so he's been giving stuff away to make room!!!

    Daughters! I'm sure if this had happened to my son he would have thought DAD would be interested LOL..

    So looking forward to teaching two cuties to shoot in a couple weeks ON MOMs AMMO LOL
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  2. Flopsweat

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    You, Sir, have been living right. What a wonderful story.
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    Every time someone brings up Bullseye Glass she'll smile now. lol
    great story
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    Great story, Mark! My wife was the telephone advice nurse in the pain clinic at Kaiser Interstate. Irate junkies trying to wrangle more pills! So, sympathy for your daughter!
    What fun! Teaching your granddaughters to shoot! You are indeed a lucky guy!:) SRG
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  5. Patriot1668

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    I'll be able to spot you at the range. You'll be the guy with two little girls and a huge smile! Well done!
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  6. Joe13

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    Jelousy wells up within me:(:D

    My daughters almost 19 and last time I took her and her mom out to shoot, she flat out would not even consider touching one much less shooting it....

    This is the little girl who grew up in a paintball arena, shot airsofts in the garage and @ 5 years old could keep pace with me rib for rib when we would BBQ.

    Something happened about age 12 and she turned into a vegetarian princesso_O:(.

    Estranged from my extended family at this point so I'll miss teaching my nephew how to shoot and if things go as planned, I have 11 more years of my daughter in college shooting (ha! Pun intended) to be a Nerologist and my wife wants to put in another 3-4 to finish her doctorate.

    If I'm lucky my kid will finish school before she starts a family so I have quite awhile before grandkids become something I can focus on - but I sure am looking forward to it.
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  7. Pops1911

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    Don't feel too badly. Neither of my grown kids have chosen to have grand kids either. It's OK. I sometimes act kid-like just for my own amusement. :)
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    Nice story. They're going to have a great time with their Grandpa.
    I know what your daughter means with the tweakers. My wife is a nurse. In a rather large clinic actually.
    I didn't think they would have a problem with tweakers and pill heads because it's not a hospital. That is not the case. My wife had told me frequently that they are regular patients. She's seen patients get violent. But they can't be armed. They've got these stickers on all the doors featuring a red circle with a cross over the silhouette of a handgun. From what I've been told these stickers were imbued with magic protection spells.
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    Probably the government indoctrination centers, er, I mean, schools. I've known other gun-owning Dads with the same problem. Don't worry, she'll likely come around on this eventually.

    Anyway, my own boy, who was homeschooled all his life, stopped paying much attention to Dad around age 12 also. Kids! :confused:

    upload_2016-2-16_10-11-2.png upload_2016-2-16_10-11-2.png
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  10. Joe13

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    I'm counting on her coming around in her 20's (man, I hope I don't have to wait till her 30's lol).:p:eek:

    It's only been 7 years but I really miss the times I would come home from work and she just couldn't get enough of me.

    In it for the long game so I'll be patient;).
  11. erudne

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    great stories:)
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  12. P7id10T

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    Great story, thanks for sharing.
    My oldest, 17, has embraced the Orygun lifestyle and has taken up reloading to boot. She's a great shot and exercises excellent trigger discipline. Teaching her pistol technique this spring.
    The younger three aren't eager yet, but I'm confident they will come around.
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  13. waglockfan

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    Now that it is apparent that my stepson is not going back to California to live with his pill poppin' dad and stepmother, I will be getting my stepson a .22 to start shooting. His 13th birthday is coming up and I can think of no better birthday present. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that he will be less and less interested in the Xbox and more into the outdoors.....time will tell.
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  14. Flopsweat

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    Hang in there. I can't be the only one who's parents got smarter as I got older. Started in my 20's if I recall correctly.
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  15. Oregon Rob

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    Daughters are pretty awesome! I feel blessed my 15 year old still wants quality daddy time on and off the range. I have an older one who is out own her own. she doesn't have a lot of time for us.... unless she needs something;). Love her to prices though.
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  17. DuneHopper

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    Two sons no Daughters. But my Daughter In Law was raised in hunting family sadly in her family girls don't shoot ( Ya I don't care much for for them, but thats another story.) I started by inviting my son and his then girlfriend now wife slowly teaching here. She is now years later getting her CHL. My two boys total lovers of the 2nd Amendment. My youngest at at age 10 studied and wanted a AK-47 not just the hype but his own research he saw it as best for him and now at 21 has what he wanted and nos it well. My oldest eye out was for a Rem 700 7mm Mag, they both worked and got what they wanted. Keeping youth seeing guns are not bad should be the job of every gun owner.
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    One kid, a daughter, who just turned 9. She hasn't been to the range yet, but I'm hoping that will come soon, maybe this year. She really seems interested in bows, which is something I'm afraid I don't know much about. But we got her a Nerf bow to get started and she seems to really enjoy it. I have a junior compound bow for her when she's a bit older and can draw the weight. She also has her own airsoft gun and really enjoys shooting that. We're working on technique, safety and general handling/aim. I think she likes it mostly because we're spending the time together.

    I don't know if she'll ever be 'in' to guns, but my main goal is that she is not against them, and will consider owning them herself at the very least for self-defense. I'm hoping she'll get her carry permit some day and will be proficient with a pistol, shotgun and rifle. She'll likely never hunt, partially because I don't hunt and can't teach her that skill, but more so because she loves every animal in the world with a passion. She eats them (loves the burgers I make for her), but won't kill them. But then again, I'll just be happy if she's pro-gun, proficient and safe.
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