Smooth bore shotgun accuracy.

Discussion in 'Rifle Discussion' started by M.Link, Oct 3, 2010.

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    How accurate is an 870 with slugs through a smooth bore, 18" barrel? How much more accurate would it be if you added rifle sights or ghost ring sights? Which sights would work better? And how are rifle sights with buckshot?
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    I will be monitoring this thread

    for information:winkkiss:
    Good questions
    Can we add accuracy of sabot too?:)
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    I too am interested.

    nutnfancy did some tactical shotgun video's and I think he was shooting at 60y off of a makeshift bench.
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    I guess that make three of us, but nobody with any input.
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    For slugs, you'd like adjustable rifle sights (i.e., it turns into a rifle with about 4-5 MOA accuracy). I also prefer ghost rings as I feel they have more intrinsic accuracy than the notch/post type.

    For fast shooting you're focusing on the front sight. At that, a bead, vent rib, double bead vent, fiber optic front or anything else that you can shoot fast works.

    For me, I'm primarily a rifle shooter and most comfortable with those types of sighting system. I kept holding my head higher than a bead shotgun sight dictates. This made me shoot consistently high and usually over the target. So I ended up getting a a ghost ring for the rear and a fiber optic front on a Mossberg 930 SPX. It helps me. But then there's more offset that you need to take into account. And I haven't yet tried it on a small moving target (i.e. shotgun clay).
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    on which barrel you use! Some are backbored and fairly accurate out to 100 yards, enough to hit a man sized target at that distance. Check out Vangcomp at: Vang Comp Systems

    I have a Win 1300, and would like to have a VangComp barrel for it but as far as I know they don't have one.

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    Well.... seen someone with a Mossberg 590 AOW (this is the 14.5" barrel, pistol grip only version), hit a standard size pepper-popper at 380 yards 4 shots in a row with Remington sluggers. Took him 4 rounds or so to get the hold over worked out. There's at least one other board member who was there and verified it.
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    4-5 MOA is what you can expect from a decent barrel and ammo. Your sighting system will decide how consistently you can find the same point of aim.

    Some barrels lead up pretty quickly, others seem immune.

    A sabot slug without rifling in the barrel isn't going to be very good, accuracy wise.
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    Ages ago I had a Remington 870 Wingmaster (the finest!) with a plain barrel sawed off to eighteen inches. I added a saddle-style scope mount with a very early red dot sight. At a measured hundred yards I could hit milk jugs three times out of five, using ordinary slugs. As I got used to the recoil I set up a target and kept four out of five in a eight inch circle, with always one flyer. I never got to try saboted slugs, as they were not readily available back then. Dang, I wish I could have kept that gun!..............................elsullo :(

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