I am selling this because I am consolidating back to 9mm and .45.

SW99 .40 S&W (same gun as the Walther P99)
Stainless slide and barrel.
Night sights (adjustable). factory 3 dot sights included.
(1) 10 round mag & (1) 12 round mag
3 interchangeable back straps to fit just about any hand size.
Anti-Stress action (DA / SA with de-cocker)
action smoothed and lightened by S&W factory (Best D/A trigger pull I have ever felt)
Like new condition, no scratches or blemishes.
Original case and papers.
Accurate and dependable.

385 rounds of Ammo
* 150 Rounds of Winchester 180gr FMJ
* 50 rounds of Winchester 180gr JHP
* 40 Rounds Federal 180gr FMJ
* 50 Rounds Blazer Brass 165gr FMJ
* 65 Rounds 180gr bulk gun show ammo
* 25 rounds Remington Golden Saber 180gr JHP

1000 rounds of mixed head stamp once fired brass.

$499 firm FTF in Salem, Keizer or Wilsonville

May be interested in a trade for a similar condition Kahr PM9, P380 , Glock 30 or a Glock 19 or ?? +/- $$ depending on condition and extras.

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