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This is a Smith & Wesson revolver in .32 Long - Hand Ejector s/n 23132. You get the original wood grips , AND Hogue Monogrips , PLUS a vintage Bauer Brothers Holster , AND 320 rounds of ammo - ALL FACTORY AMMO. The Fiochi is 97 grain full metal jacket (288 rounds) and the rest are lead bullets. (32 rounds) You can fire .32 Long , .32 short and .32 long Colt in this pistol. The ammo is available ..... but now like all ammo it is bringing $1.00 or more per round on GB and elsewhere if you can find it. This is a very SOFT shooting caliber and accurate. Would be a great gun for a newbie or a lady - safe and soft shooting. The bluing shows some wear but not bad for its age. A little discoloring probably due to it being stored in the holster. YOU GET IT ALL for $498.00 - THIS IS A DEAL - you pay the transfer at Rehv Arms Check my feedback - no drama I put my stuff on the money to SELL..

Please ask questions VIA PM. Please do not muck up my thread - PM me ONLY. Thanks. Deal must be done at Rehv arms in Covington. No I will not travel - Old, cranky and retired.....shipping , maybe but you pay ALL costs,,,,,,,

5F1972B8-FA85-4195-91D6-E1E9150076E5.jpeg 13A4E5E3-25AF-4EFA-995D-FF48E3F315E1.jpeg 14FBB8E2-F449-465A-BA8C-30F649D8EBF7.jpeg 1D3252BA-7892-4654-8C9A-0D5D970348AD.jpeg 778EA7A8-EB4F-4473-9CA8-B155F1BB42DF.jpeg 59B77295-1923-43C5-95EA-80694B685D20.jpeg 3A8DE050-C301-43B3-B74F-618254C3563F.jpeg C370C32B-0F59-40BC-976B-6AEE77D46D89.jpeg
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