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Discussion in 'Education & Training' started by Brandon2535, Mar 13, 2012.

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    How exactly does the bolt catch and charging handle work?

    Does it matter which one you use?

    Do you always have to use one of them when you insert a new magazine?

    Sometimes when I insert a new magazine and pull the charging handle, a round comes out of the ejection port. Not because of a misfire or anything, though. I'm assuming that pulling the charging handle wasn't needed and it forced out a perfectly fine round? My question is, how do I know when I'm supposed to pull the charging handle and when I can simply just start shooting? When can I use the bolt catch?
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    well, if your ejecting a round after pulling the charging handle I would have to say thats because there is a live round already chambered and ready to fire. The ejector cant grab something that isnt there. you would use either the charging handle or the bolt catch if the bolt is locked back while a new mag is inserted (all its doing is pushing a new round into the breech). I suppose its possible that you have some sort of Mag malfunction and as you charge the handle back a round is simply jumping out of the magazine but I would think you would have a whole bunch more problems if that was the case.
    Pull the upper off and study how the action works, its incredibly simple and it will give you a hands on idea of whats happening and what needs to happen.
    Have a good one!
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    I am not sure what OP is asking,

    On last round with bolt locked back, you can simply press bolt release lever after you insert new magazine.

    On last round with bolt not locked back, you have to pull the charging handle back and release after you insert new magazine.

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