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So I have had my eye on one of these for quite some time, but have never shot one... Iv heard some people comparing them to the glock.... Do any of you own one or shot one? and what do you think?? Im thinking this may be my Next purchase :confused:
I have one of these in 9mm and love it. I am thinking of getting one in .40 also. It carries nicely IWB and OWB w/wo paddle or belt. Unfortunately, I would have to part with something else first to acquire a twin(?big brother).
I had a M&P40 full-sized, and it was a great gun. I should have never sold that one. :(

I always thought of picking up its little brother (the compact), but it just wouldn't fit my big old paws. Close, but I had to squeeze my hands on to the grip to get all my fingers on it, even with the mag extension. If it wasn't for that, I would have picked up one. If it fits your hands, go for it!
Nice pistol however I prefer the 9. I had a G27 for awhile which is comparable. Great gun but for me, I found the G22 not that much harder to conceal so something to think about is just getting the full-size...
I bought an m&p 40c a few months back brand new and the very first time I shot it was at the Oregon Firearms Training Academy and put at least 400 rounds through it. Straight out of the box, this has been the most reliable handgun I have ever shot. No jams, no stovepipes, no malfunctions of any kind and it's a sweetheart to shoot as well. I shot the qualifier at the end of the day no problem. It is an awesome gun and I will not ever part with it.
The nice thing about the MP40c is that you can get a 9mm conversion barrel and magazine and you have a 2nd choice for ammo. The opposite is not an option (40 conversion barrel in a 9mm).
There is no comparison to the G27. I have owned & carried both. I think the M&P is far superior. You can actually grip the Smith Much better ergonomics. Rock solid dependable and a great trigger for a self defense weapon. I did not like how thick it is and grew tired of feeling it all the time when on my hip. Switched back to a 1911.
I've carried the full size M&P 45 for about five years, Last year I bought I M&P 9mm C for easy carry and truly enjoyed it. My mistake was letting my adult daughter shoot it. On the way home from the range she talked me out of the M&P. I ended up with her G27 that she had caried for more than a year, she got it after taking a defensive shooting course at the range. I sold the G27 and bought another M&P C this time in .40, I liked it a lot but a bit more snap, it's now owned by my adult son who talked me out of it "I would carry all the time if I had a pistol like this". I got his FNP40 that I enjoy and decided to keep and now saving for another M&P Compact.

A truly good carry pistol and I learned to quit letting my kids shoot my pistols!
I bought the M&P 40 to sell(good deal) and I have had this gun for 3-4yrs now, I love the ergonomics, but not the trigger feel(to be fair, this was one of the early guns and I hear they have worked that out), so I got a trigger job, but now I have light primer strikes on ammo that has tuff primers, so I will probably go with the Apex trigger kit and see where we are after that.

So all in all, I'd love to love it, but I tell ya, I like the Glock trigger feel better(I used to hate the Glock, still hate it's ergonomics, but those guns work).

The next question is, can I get a 9mm barrel/mags for a full sized M&P 40 like you can the compacts? I must say though I like the concept of the 40 cal, I truly enjoy shooting the 9mm more.
My first pistol was a Glock 22 about 14 years ago. Kept it until last year, when I got a M&P 40compact for my EDC. A few months later, got the fullsize for the bedside. The feel in my hand & when shooting just feels WAY better than the glock (and XD) IMO. HOWEVER the trigger is atrocious compared to others (XD & 1911's). Mine are getting better with some rounds thru them (about 300 rds each so far) but prolly gonna get a drop in trigger like others mention replacement anyway, esp after shooting my buddies XD (AWESOME trigger, the rest I don't like).
It is a bit wide compared to a 1911 for edc, but worth the bulk IMO.
The C40 is a good gun, had one for over a year. My nephew wanted it, so replaced it with a G23. I have shot Glocks too long, just like the Glock a little better. It is a matter of which you like best, they are both excellent guns. JMHO : Bill :)

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