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Discussion in 'Business Discussion & Reviews' started by FatherHolyHoly, Sep 18, 2009.

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    story simplified.... they have terrible shipping prices
  2. Gunnut56

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    If you look through threads on other firearm's forums, you will find a consensus that you get a good product, but a lot of attitude with it.

    Good Luck.
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    You could send it back, after finding a replacement somewhere for less, and get your money back. You then would only be out $15for shipping, I would hope, or even contest the credit card charges..putting the item in dispute.

    I understand the frustration with the bolt problem, but even more frustrating are the shipping costs.
    It might be worth your time to send a letter explaining your frustration, including and naming the people whom you communicated with and asking for an understanding, refund, or partial rebate of your costs..
    I believe that sometimes a letter is better than the email or verbal confrontation and that when addressed, they see your point a little brighter and have to act to answer the letter contact..
    Include int the letter that you are awaiting there Positive response, leading them the way you would like, and at the bottom sometimes a cc: to your mouthpiece ( if you have one) or to K2News-on-your-side, or something similiar to help bring a positive response.

    It has before for me.. Thanks,. that's jsut my .02c/worth/sr
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    Aw, that's took bad. I have a Smith mount on my M1A and for years they've been THE mount. However, I just bought mine and have never taken it off. Now I'm afraid to ;-)

    BTW, the current issue of Shooting Times has a cover article entitled "SCOPE YOUR M1A!"

    They review six mounts. Smith's, Fulton Armory's, and Sadlak Airborne seem to be the top of the crop (all three are used by various military units). The other three reviewed are Sadlak Aluminum, ARMS 18, and Trijicon's TA70.

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