Smith and Wesson M&P 15 Sport

Discussion in 'Rifles Wanted' started by midwestdisco, Jul 9, 2011.

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    Looking for a M&P15 Sport new or used, have cash and Mosin-Nagant for trade if wanted. I live in SW Portland 97219.
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    just posted an add:
    Vitually new S&W 15-22 (Magpul FurnitureVersion) which includes military muzzle, Magpul flip up sights, Magpul grip, and Magpul stock. Functions are modeled exactly as the AR-15. Incredible rifle that has operated without one flaw.

    I will include:

    -Magpul snap tight rail guards ( 4 packs at $10 each)
    -One point sling which attaches to mounted sling attachment as shown $18 value
    -One extra magazine $24 value
    -Magpul rubber magazine grips ($8 value)

    I still have original box and paperwork as it is only 4 months old.

    -Also willing to include in deal over 2500 rds of .22 in ammo can. The ammo in the can is five Bi-Mart Federal bulk packs emptied into the ammo can (see cardboard tab on can as indicator of nature of ammo. Additional plastic boxes are CCI Stinger, Super X, and Remington in unopened boxes. Total worth is over $100 dollars.

    You have to look hard to find wear on the internal parts it has been shot so little. Total package worth new is $700. I'm willing to seperate out the ammo. Why sell? It's bills verses guns, bills won.

    My Package price: $590 OBO

    Russell 503-820-9398

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