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    extended firing pin for j, k ,l n revolvers
    Looking for some information on extended firing pins for J, K, L, N revolvers. I just got a new to me 625 that had some work done to it including an extended firing pin. It had not been shot since the rework so when I put a load of rounds in with the moon clip the cylinder would not close because the firing pin was extended. Further examination found the the pin was stuck forward and required a hard object and lots of pressure to push it back. A dry fire each time would leave it in the extended position. I replaced it with the normal firing pin which came with the gun thankfully and it seems to work normal. Gun fires well so I may not really need the extended pin as I get a nice deep dimple in the primer. Question for further use is there another company other than Cylinder and slide or did I just get a bad one as can happen. I see no indication of a deformity or burr on it.
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    I never had a problem with mine, also a cylinder and slide. A lightened trigger can sometimes result in light firing pin strikes. The extended pin compensates for it. If you have no issue then you dont need it. Also, use Federal primers or ammo, they are softest and will ignite even with lightened up trigger jobs.

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