small amount of .44mag/special

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    mainly .44mag cases, but a few are .44special cases

    flash holes are enlarged (which is what the instructions said to do), meaning they shouldn't be reloaded with powder! Otherwise I would keep the brass.

    loaded with rubber bullets (x-ring is the brand)

    no powder, primers only

    there's 16 or 17 loaded I think, and three extra primed cases


    lots of fun to shoot, but they will leave long strings of rubber in the rifling, and fun as they may be, they're not fun enough to justify the time it takes to clean afterward, so I'm going to get some plastic bullets instead for shooting in the yard

    IIRC, they chronied 400 or 500fps, and will go through 2 or 3 pieces of cardboard so make sure you have a decent backstop (I ended up shooting holes in an airsoft backstop with them, and lost about half)

    would work great for stray cats, dogs, maybe even stray kids


    must be picked up in dillard, oregon (near winston, roseburg, and several other crappy little towns that no one likes, or even knows exists)

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