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    Folks, I have a BNIB UNFIRED SLR-104UR. I was going to SBR this but plans have changed.

    Arsenal SLR-104UR

    I do NOT have the original poly stock or the plastic hand guards HOWEVER I do have genuine Russian Izhmash hand guards on it.

    I have the original box complete with ALL accessories unopened. Sling, oil bottle, cleaning kit, bulgy 30 round mag and cleaning rod.

    I have also added a BNIB Primary Arms Advanced micro dot on a rail mount that fits in the top of the dust cover. It has been drilled but it has been done professionally. If you don't like this new dust covers are available. Also, since this was to SBR'd, I did engrave my trust name and location on the underside of the receiver near the trigger guard as can be seen in the photos. One could easily get this engraved over with a proper laser engraver.

    The mustard AKS74U sling, bakelite and tula grip are NOT included.

    What is also included though it a real genuine AKS74U booster that I was going to use to complete the conversion. Tapco G2 single hook and krebs retainer plate also included and installed.

    With all that is included I am asking for:


    PayPal gift or add 4% and 100% discreet. USPS MO also accepted.

    See feedback for buying confidence.

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