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    i have some tools my dad left me when he recently moved to san diego, all in very good condition, would love to sell for cash as im hurtin, we all are, will consider trades, all prices are not firm im willing to haggle:

    ryobi miter saw- ts134 10" blade 14 amp motor- $60.00
    ryobi reciprocating saw- rs162v 120v 6,5 amp- $40.00
    skilsaw- 5400 7 1/4" blade 12 amp- $30.00
    skilsaw jigsaw- 4380 variable speed 3.7 amp- $15.00
    dremel- 395 type 5, lots of extra parts- $30.00

    i have to wait until my girlfriend gets home with the camera to post pictures, if anyone is interested before i get pictures up, 253-548-5909 is my phone number, please feel free to call or text for pictures i am in the tacoma area. also if any of you know somewhere i could sell this stuff that would really help alot. thank you.
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    My condolences Brother, I have felt your pain! Selling tools hurts the most (except for guns), even more than selling books. Have you tried It's free, and really works. Just specify cash, and only meet in daylight in a public parking lot, unless you have a garage to use and feel secure about strangers coming to your home--you probably don't want them inside your place.

    If you have any GOLD this is a great time to sell at a reputable local buyer. I had a beat up trashy fashion ring I found on the street; it was only ten carat gold but it still got me forty dollah! Your tool prices are a steal---you don't need to haggle. Good luck!...........................elsullo

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