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I have not posted much, bought a gun on here or one of the gun sites, SKS and went up with kids last week-end to do some plinking and it would not cycle, pretty sure its the spring, but have not taken an SKS apart, is it much of a problem and are the springs readly available, any help would be greatly appricatated...........Thanks in advance Ray
Make sure after you load it and the bolt is still back that you pull the bolt all the way back and "let it ride home" as in just let it go. I've noticed this happen when less experienced shooters were firing my SKS. And if It's a yugo then try what WHERETHEHECKAMI suggested as they were designed with a gas cut off to fire grenades.
the piston might be leaking gas past the seal. paint a thin layer of nail polish on the piston head on the gas block end. This will seal the gas block just enough to cycle the rifle and still let it move freely.
Give YouTube a little search for SKS instructional vids. There are TONS of short videos devoted to almost any brand of gun, both for simple maintance/disassembly and for troubleshooting. Lots of sharing devotees have posted about their favorite weapons there........................elsullo :s0155:

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