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    25 son has watched me numerous times working on guns and has shown an interest in doing a build of his own. After deep consideration in initial acquisition cost, availability of aftermarket accessories, reliability and ease of making modifications, we came up with the SKS as a base unit for him to work on under my supervision. It is cheap enough that if he messes something up, we won't be out in the cold regarding costs.

    The following DO NOT concern me as this is going to be a heavily modified 922 project:

    Condition of stock
    Condition of metal (minor rust/imperfections OK but none preferred)
    Matching numbers
    Complete unit (bayonet, cleaning rod, etc...)
    Original parts

    The only thing I do want to make sure of is that the receiver is complete and able to be fired. Other than that...everything is more than likely going to be re-built and upgraded with Murray's Parts and Tapco Accessories.

    If anyone has one that meets the above description, please let me know. I would be more than willing to travel to you to do the FTF with cash. I am legal to purchase and also more than willing to sign a bill of sale and present my Oregon license.

    Thanks in advance :thumbup:

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