SKS Paratrooper (Now W/Pics)

Discussion in 'Rifle Classifieds' started by bmw2, May 22, 2010.

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    Like new and it's the shorter barrel paratrooper model. For those who haven't handled one, they balance a lot better than the standard models. I bought it new in the box and have put 80 rounds through it. Only drawback is that I never got the bayonet or the cleaning kit and oil bottle. I really like it but it just sits in the safe and I hate having guns around I don't use(I have a little house and a little safe). These are a little harder to find, so I'd like $350 OBO or I'm open to trades, I also have a NAA Guardian .32acp for sale on the board and could combine them for a trade or make someone a good deal if they want both. Could throw in some ammo too if needed.

    I collect combloc handguns(still need a CZ82, Bulgarian/Russian military/Chinese Makarov, P63, P64, or?), lever actions and revolvers. I'd like to find any WASR or a Yugo underfolder. Wouldn't mind a Super Blackhawk, Single Six convertible, a 4-6 inch .357 or .38 w/adjustable sights, 9mm auto, double action .22 or single shot .223, pump shotgun or a quantity of 9x18 makarov, 7.62x39 or .38 special. I can add cash depending on the trade. I also need some smithing done, I need a Makarov slide dovetailed for an adjustable front sight and possibly some finish work. Feel free to throw trades out there, worst I can say is no thanks. CPL or WAC card required but no paper work. FTF only.

    One other odd trade, I need a running/driving 73-79 F-250 to use as a donor for my 65, doesn't need to be pretty, just run well.

    Pics are up and I noticed some small nicks on the left side of the stock, so I took a picture of that too. They aren't as bad as they look in the pics, almost look like a fingernail did it but a little smaller. Also, the dust cover has a slight discoloration on it, like someone had a sticker on it.
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