SKD Tac Esstac chest rig never used in coyote

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    I have the following items for sale or trade, all items located in Gresham, Oregon, cash only please emailme to to request pics:
    -Esstac Chest Rig, Boar A1 (split front) in coyote (holds 8 AR mags), with Esstac Padded Harness sleeve kit in coyote and Esstac Hydration carrier, never used, just taking out of package and put together, all items cost me $290 plus shipping, will sell for $210 shipped, see links:
    Esstac Chest Rig, Boar A1 (Split Front)
    Esstac Hydration Carrier, Boar
    Esstac Padded Harness Sleeve Kit (Boar Series Chest Rigs)

    -2ea tactical tailor Magna mag double pouch in coyote, $40 shipped, see link:
    Magna Mag Double Pistol Mag Pouch

    Will sell both all items for $230 , Located in Gresham, Oregon
    or will trade for:
    -Camel back packs (BFM or Mother load, trizip maybe)) in coyote, must be new or like new, with never use bladder
    -Quality 3-day packs in Coyote or OD.
    -Quality Ak chest rig/assault vest in OD or coyote.
    -Wilson 8rd mags
    -.45 ammo
    -Quality vertical shoulder holster for full size 1911 (no rail)
    -Steel 30rd Ak-47 mags in 7.62x39
    -30-30 ammo
    30-06 ammo
    -.45 ACP ammo


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