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Where are you from that grade schoolers bringing guns to school and shooting people is “very common”?
Kids in my hometown of Detroit, MI have been walking through metal detectors to enter their school since the '80s. We have kids shooting each other for a pair of sneakers.
And how is it that the rest of us don’t hear about it all the time then?
CNN doesn't cover it... doesn't fit the narrative. Only when a white kid shoots up a school do we have town halls, hand-wringing, beard scratching. Black kids shooting each other? Nobody cares.

I mean, if it was so common wouldn’t it be in the news every day?
No. See above.
Perfect fuel for the antis. But it isn’t, so it isn’t.
The antis only mobilize when a white student shoots up the school.

You implying such really does more harm than anything else.
You have no factual basis for that fallacy... essentially accusing me of lying. I should report you to the moderators. So much for being excellent to each other. eh?


Meanwhile, back here in UK, we've had just the one school massacre, in Scotland, in 1996, when a known pedophile, a friend of the Chief Constable, walked into a grade school gym and slaughtered sixteen 1st grade kids and their teacher before [allegedly] turning one of his guns on himself.

That one awful event cost every legal cartridge-firing handgun owner in England, Scotland and Wales their handguns.

And over in Northern Ireland, a loony anti-Catholic - or it might have been an anti-Protestant - converted a fire extinguisher into a flame-thrower and used it on a classroom filled with children. Thankfully, nobody died in that one, but it shows that you don't need a gun to carry out a massacre.

In spite of myth and legend to the contrary, massacres using firearms - apart from acts of terrorism like the Miami showband massacre in Northern Ireland - are passing rare here in UK.

The very first such event took place in Hungerford in 1987 when a loner killed sixteen people before hiding in the local school and blowing his brains out.

The second was the Dunblane School massacre, and the third was in 2010, when a grudge-holder killed his bother, and went on to kill a further eleven people on a gun-spree around the county, many of who were targets of opportunity and completely unknown to him. That also ended in suicide.
In my experience in teaching ( Both High School and Elementary School level ) I can say that many kids today:

Are exposed to themes , situations , ideas , images , a far earlier age and may not be able to properly understand or cope with the same...
Also with the prevalence of all the various social media devices , they can not "escape" from bullying or the overexposure to more mature situations...

Have never been taught :
"Boundaries" , respect of others..
That the real world ain't Burger King and you can't always have it your way...
You won't always win...
The real world may not care that you suffer from some form of "Alphabet Diagnosis"...
You can not buy skill or "level up" , hard work , practice and patience are what is needed to get good at something...
You are responsible for your words and actions....

Do not have a stable consistent home life and suffer from a lack of parenting.
Be assured that if the parents do not teach their children , their children will learn from other sources , as well as being affected by the parental disconnect.

Please note that none of the above are offered as excuses...
One always has a choice...and every choice has a consequence.

I have been a "school dad" for far too many students .
With that said...the above statement it does not mean that I am fed up or not going to take on that role...
It just means that far too many many students have need of me in that role.
I will always do my best for each student I interact with...I owe them no less.

In any event...
I am not too surprised here with the story in the OP.
I am glad that no one died and I hope that the all involved get the help they need.

Sorry 'bout the long post.
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