Six Factory Glock 31 357 Sig 15rd Gen 4 magazines - NEW - $25 each

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    Rarer than hen's teeth! Just trying to get my money back on these, or trade for something useful. Had a .357 Sig Glock project going and ordered these magazines a while ago. Forgot about it and sold the gun in the meantime. Now I just got notice that these are being shipped to me. I should have them mid next week. They'll be brand new. Take all of them and I'll ship free, otherwise $5 per shipment.

    Glock 31 357 Sig 15rd Gen 4 magazines: $25 each, and there are a total of six of them

    These are genuine new Glock manufacture, not clones or copies.

    Would be interested in trading for Glock 17 17rd magazines, or Glock 18 33rd magazines, depending on what you've got, condition, etc.

    I'm north of Seattle near Bellingham if someone wants to meet up to save on shipping.

    Will take cash, PayPal, and USPS money orders. Personal checks ok too if you want to wait while they clear.

    No shipping to states where you can't legally possess these!
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    I just bought 6 of em' two weeks ago :-D
    Do I need more?

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