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Single Stack match, WA, May 31st

Discussion in 'Competitive Shooting' started by RickB, May 26, 2009.

  1. RickB

    RickB Greater Seattle area Member

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    Sunday, May 31st, at Renton F&GC
    The third annual, one division, no classification, shooting-for-overall-only, 1911 single stack match.
    Seven stages, ~140 rounds, $15 match fee, no advance entry.
    Shooting at 10:00, and awards shortly after finish.
    This is a non-denominational match, open to all USPSA and IDPA single-stackers. Shooter's choice of equipment rules; either USPSA Single Stack, or IDPA. 1911-style gun must fit in The Box.
    Courses of fire will be "freestyle", targets and scoring will be modified Vickers*.
    Shoot .40 or larger, major power factor, load 8+1
    Shoot .38/9, minor power factor, load 10+1

    *The current standard IDPA target is a cardboard humanoid shape with scoring zones perforated onto its surface. There are two areas marked as "-0" or "down zero" (the head and center-mass of the body represented by a circle, equivalent to Alpha) and one each marked "-1" (Charlie) and "-3" (Delta).
    A target calling for two hits, with one hit in both the -1 and -3 zones would be scored as -4 and called as "down 4."
    The points down are converted into time by multiplying by .5 for minor and .3 for major, and added to the total time taken to shoot the stage.
    A miss on a target is scored as down-5.
    Failure to Engage and No-Shoot are scored down-10.
  2. RickB

    RickB Greater Seattle area Member

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    Thought I'd add a little background on this match. The host club, North West Practical Pistol Association, has been in existence since the late '70s, first in Kirkland, and now in Renton, Washington. At one time, NWPPA was affiliated with both USPSA and IDPA, and when the club moved to new digs at Renton Fish & Game Club, found a USPSA club - Renton Practical Shoooters - already in residence. When we were tossing around the idea of a single stack match, I wanted to not limit it to strictly IDPA or USPSA, as that would ignore half the practical pistol competitors at the range. I'd shot a couple of the early Western States Single Stack Championship matches in Mesa, AZ, where they utilized "Leatham-Enos scoring". It was essentially IDPA Vickers scoring, but with major and minor penalties adjusted so that they could compete head-to-head, which they never do in IDPA. The handicapping achieves roughly the same thing as USPSA does in Single Stack division, but by adjusting the penalties - time added - rather than the point value of the target.
    IDPA shooters have to adapt to freestyle courses of fire and dropping mags all over the place (most of the stages are 20+ rounds), while USPSA shooters have to remember that a quick Alpha-Charlie has to be REALLY quick to beat a slow 2-Alpha, and both have to deal with the fact that I have freedom to ignore the CoF rules of both sports, and can do stuff like all-steel and man-on-man stages if I want to ;).
    We drew 53 shooters in '07, in what was intentionally something of a throw-back match, with Cooper Tunnel and Rhodesian Wall (the latter excavated after an archeological expedition confirmed its location in the blackberries at the Kirkland range), and last year we drew as many shooters in the snow as we had in fair weather the year before.
    We also have divisions set up for "other auto" and "revolver", so don't let lack of a 1911 keep you from attending.