Single Action Only - Cowboy Style

Discussion in 'Handguns Wanted' started by danblackstone, Apr 7, 2010.

  1. danblackstone

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    I'm looking for a single action revolver. Like a Ruger. Calibar is not that important. I looking for something well priced. This gun will be primarily used in my classes. I'd like to shoot it on occassion. Please send me some pictures of what you have and your bottom price. Thanks
  2. GenerousLinus

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    I have a Ruger .44 mag (will also shoot .44 special) Old Vaquero with a 4 5/8 inch barrel. Single action. Cold case frame with blued barrel and cylinder. Leather holster/ammo belt. Hogue Grip and original wood panels. $400, or $350 without the belt. I really can't go any lower than that. I'm located in Eugene. No idea of the round count, but I've put a few hundred through with no problems. Real accurate. Bluing could be touched up a bit and there is a little tarnish to the trigger and hammer, other than that it's solid. No pics right now, but i can get some if you wanted to see it.

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