WTS/WTT WA SimpliSafe Wireless Security System (Used, No Contract)

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    Up for sale is a briefly used SimpliSafe Wireless home security system: http://simplisafe.com. We moved and are using the hardwired system at our new place.

    SimpliSafe requires no contracts and is frequently cheaper than anything else on the market. You don't even have to call up the company to use it, if you don't want an response to an alarm. If you want the system to be monitored, the base station has a cellular card inside - once you register - they have several different levels, including the use of an iOS/Android app which makes arming and disarming the system a piece of cake. This product and service is pretty highly reviewed:

    This package includes:

    Base Station: 1
    Wireless Keypad: 1
    Keychain Remotes: 2
    Motion Sensors: 1
    Entry Sensors: 6
    Panic Buttons: 1
    Auxiliary Sirens: 1
    Smoke Detectors: 1

    That's enough to cover a large apartment or medium-sized house and new components can be purchased from SimpliSafe at any time. I will note that the Auxiliary siren is 105db - which is pretty frickin' loud. The panic button is perfect for kids rooms or your spouse's side of the bed.

    Cash: $300

    - Ammo
    - Silver
    - Gold
    - Glock 26 (Gen 4 only)

    *I am willing to ship*

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