Silver lining pawn on Sandy Blvd in NE PDX

Discussion in 'Great Deals' started by Kimber Custom, Nov 17, 2010.

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    Was in silver lining today. Had a G17, G19, several 24/7's and a Ruger LCP all priced very well. G17 was tagged at $425 and I have yet ot buy anything from them where I paid what was on the tag.
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    The Silver Lining is also a very fine pawnshop for those of us in Oregon who face tough times. They are knowledgeable, fair, and quite friendly---and keep a really fine dog at work (Duke)! Best, they know quality and will treat you with respect for your goods. I had the fine experience of being able to redeem a couple of Walthers that I had earlier pawned in desperation, and they even supported me for that. Pawning is always an act of last resort, but this is a good place for it. And sometimes things get better!...............................elsullo :thumbup:
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    I will second that motion, I pledge full allegiance to Silver Lining. I bought my first gun there, and still go in at least every week and buy something or another. Their loans are easy and fair, prices are very flexible, and everybody is just super nice.

    To keep with the good deals though, last time I was in I saw a Frankenstein's monster of a 1911 for just $475 (pre-haggle). Remington frame, Colt slide, and everything in between everywhere else.

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