Silver for Silver, matching up some collection pieces... *Sale Price Added*

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    Looking to do some trades, to match up to/clean up my regular collection.

    I got 6 (six), 1 troy oz "Liberty Silver" rounds (got the liberty bell on the back, eagle on the front)
    Also got:
    14 (fourteen) Mercury Dimes (1.0127 troy oz of silver)
    2 (two) 100 Yen coins, back when they were still silver (2.8 grams each, ~1/10 AV oz)
    1 (one) Silver "Un Peso" the 10% ones before they went to curponickel (1.6 grams, ~1/20 troy oz)
    3 (three) 1/10 troy oz "Barter is Better" rounds from the AOCS.
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    Total = Approx. 7.5 troy oz of silver.

    Looking for:
    American Eagles in 1 oz or fractionals
    Mexican Libertads in 1 oz or fractionals
    Canadian Maples in 1 oz or fractionals (rounds or bars)
    (no Gram pieces please)

    if someone can do the whole swap i'll throw in 3 extra Roosevelt dimes.

    (would like to avoid shipping if possible, but I'll do it for a whole swap.)

    Sale Price added: $280.00 for all 7.5 oz... (not the extra Roosevelts)
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    Check my post ( silver coins )
    Check your pm

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