Silver Coin **UPDATE 12/5 TRADE PENDING**

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    I have some silver coin that I want to get rid of.

    I have the following up for sale or trade:

    1 1998 Silver American Eagle
    8 1964 and earlier Washington Quarters
    10 1964 and earlier Kennedy/Franklin Halfs
    62 1965-70 Kennedy Halfs

    All together there is about 15.23 oz. of silver, they are worth around $500-520 as of tonight and that is what I would like to get for them in cash/trade value. I would be willing to split up the collection as I know that $500 is a lot of money to drop on coin. For trade, I would like to get a nice free standing hammock with the stand for my wife for Christmas + cash difference.

    **UPDATE 12/3**

    I would also entertain trades for firearms or firearms related items. I would be more interested in a smaller caliber (.243 -.270) rifle or a concealed carry handgun (baby Glock, Ruger LC9 +Cash, etc...), maybe even a decent hunting shotgun, possibly ammo or starting reloading setup as well(5.56, .223, .40S&W, 9MM, 7MM Mag).


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