GSG-5 with permanently attached Thompson Machine custom silencer to make 16 1/4" OAL barrel length. Very quiet and very reliable even with subsonic ammo. I'm looking to trade for a decent electric guitar and amp of approximately $700 in value and you'll need to file a form 4 with the ATF prior to transfer. $200 tax with one stamp since its permanently attached. I can help you fill out a trust if you need to go that route. Comes with 6 magazines. Anodized silencer core comes out the front for cleaning. Sounds about like a pneumatic stapler. Red dot not included. Approximately 500 rounds through the can. The silencer tube can stay in place and the gun fired without the silencer core. Thompson is a great company to deal with with great customer service if there ever is any problem.

Heres a link to the Thompson machine gallery page. Scroll halfway down and the same gun is on their website as an example of their work.

This was originally listed as Washington sales only but I am moving to Oregon in a few weeks and will be a Oregon resident so Oregon residents will be able to purchase this directly.

GALLERY « Thompson Machine

YouTube - GSG 5 with Thompson Machine silencer

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