SigSauer 226 Magazines

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    My Sig 226 SS Elite was stolen last year and I now have no hopes of getting her back. I must have a dozen or more magazines I no longer have any use for. Some factory 15 round, some 18 round and some 20 round. I can't even remember what I paid for them, but I'll make someone a deal. Most of them are blued. One or all................... whole sale, whatever price that is.

    11 9mm mags total.
    4 factory original Sig 15 rnd with 3 still in the package and the other as new
    5 MecGar 18 rnd flush fit 4 new in the blister pack 1 as new
    2 MecGar 20 rnd (plus 2) new in the blister pack

    $250 takes all

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