Sight Retrofit On Winchester 94

Discussion in 'Maintenance & Gunsmithing' started by RVTECH, Jul 4, 2012.


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    Today's project was to fit and install an older sight on my Winchester. I did not care for the later style that was on it. It has the two screw lockdown for the sliding blade which was a pain to adjust and did not have a very clear sight picture. Awhile back a friend gave me a bunch of old parts and one of the items was an early Winchester sight (a 22G I believe) which has a semi buckhorn sliding blade that fits snugly into cut slots in the sight and is held in place by one screw. It is easier to adjust and gives a much better sight picture. It took some filing and bending to get it to fit correctly but came out very nicely. The up side was the older sight was in great shape, has nice sharp edges with most of the original bluing on it.


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