SIG-Tac reflex sight, Nikon Monarch Red dot

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    These are hardly used at all. The SigTac was on my 556 (that it came with) for one trip to the range, then on another gun for one trip to the range (to sight it in). The Monarch red dot is really nice because its a large diameter, so its very easy to acquire targets.

    SigTac: $100 O.B.O.

    Nikon Monarch Red Dot: $150 O.B.O.

    Looking for local cash sales, Eugene area.

    Things I might trade (up or down) for:
    * 4" stainless .357, either a Ruger GP100 or SW 686
    * 9mm JHP ammo
    * 38 Spl. +P JHP ammo
    * SKS-M

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