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Sig Sauer
Got all this in a trade but decided to go a different route. Looking to sell/trade all together, may break up under certain circumstances.

  • Sig p320 17 rd Mags (x2): $49 each (here)
  • Sig p320 21 rd Mags (x4): $49 each (here)
  • Springer Precision P320 Extended Mag Basepads (x5): $19 each (here)
  • Springer Precision Belt Offset Hanger Holster Attachment:: $60 (here)
  • Springer Precision Red Hill Tactical X5 Holster: $125 (here)
  • P320 Grams Engineering Extra Capacity Follower Kit (x4): $19 each (here)
  • P320 Slide Catch Assembly kit: $20 (here)
  • CUSTOM P320 Full Grip Module (Silicon Carbide Grip Job): $40
  • CUSTOM P320 X5 Full Size 9mm Grip Module (Silicon Carbide Grip Job): $120

Comes out to about $830 selling at $800 and if you take it as a bundle I can do $750.

Open to trading as well my wants list can be found here
And my other trades list is here

Also currently looking for 13.7 or 14.5 inch "high-end" AR uppers.
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