SIG Sauer P250 Compact: Range Report & Review w/video

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    I finally got around to doing a proper range report on my .40S&W SIG P250 compact.

    I took it to the range about put around 200 rounds through it the other day. Unfortunately all those rounds did not go off flawlessly (darn reloads). Still I consider the gun a 100% performer.

    The gun is versatile, accurate, attractive, reliable, and well made. When you take into consideration the cost I really think it is one of the best options on the market as far as polymer pistols are concerned. Of course I am not exactly a lover of polymer guns.

    I go into all of this in greater detail on my video review. Plus, you get to see me getting shoved around by some Buffalo Bore ammo in the opening clip.

    YouTube - SIG Sauer P250 Compact: Range Report & Review

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