WTT WA SIG Sauer P229R w/Night Sights & Holster

Discussion in 'Handgun Classifieds' started by PlayboyPenguin, May 1, 2016.

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  1. PlayboyPenguin

    Vancouver, WA
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    I have for sale one unfired, like-new-in-box .40S&W SIG Sauer P229 with night sights and E2 grips. No longer accepting trade offers since I made an impulse purchase tonight. I bought this gun new and it has never left the box since I picked it up. This is basically a new gun. It comes with two 12 round mags and a never worn OD Green RKBA holster.

    Price reduced for quick sale. The gun has an MSRP of $1108 and sells for $978 at Budsgunshop. I am asking $715 cash with the holster. Low price and no sales tax will save someone looking for one of these great guns well over $300.

    I am in Vancouver. I can travel to PDX.


    20160501_200521.jpg 20160501_200504.jpg 20160501_200313.jpg

    Action Type-DA/SA
    Trigger Pull DA-10.0 lbs
    Trigger Pull SA-4.4 lbs
    Overall Length-7.1 in
    Overall Height-5.4 in
    Overall Width-1.5 in
    Barrel Length-3.9 in
    Sight Radius-5.7 in
    Weight w/Mag-29.6 oz
    Sights Contrast, SIGLITE® Night Sights -
    Grips Black Polymer Factory Grips
    Frame Finish Black Hard Anodized
    Slide Finish Nitron®
    Accessory Rail-Yes
    Features Accessory rail
    MSRP-$1,015.00, - $1,108.00 w/ Night Sights
    CA Compliant-Yes
    MA Compliant-Yes
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  2. pietro beretta

    pietro beretta
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    This is so very tempting... I have the cash but live in WA so I would end up having to pay sales tax, which would make me short. :mad:

  3. juden666


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    Why would you pay sales tax on a private transaction?????
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  4. pietro beretta

    pietro beretta
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    I remember WA Department of Revenue used to have FFLs collected use tax on private transactions. Is this no longer the case? Ill have to check up on that real quick.

    Follow up:

    It looks like the FFL's aren't required to collect use tax anymore, I hadn't realized this. However, it looks like the Department of Revenue still expects the purchaser to pay use tax directly to the Department of Revenue.

    Effective December 4, 2014, I-594 removes the requirement for firearms dealers to collect sales or use tax from the transferee on firearms transfers between unlicensed persons whether such transfers are in-state or interstate transfers

    Does the buyer/transferee owe use tax if the in-state firearms dealer does not collect the tax? Yes. I-594 does not relieve the purchaser/transferee from the obligation to pay use tax. The purchaser/transferee receiving the firearm must pay use tax directly to the Department of Revenue.

    Wait, am I reading this wrong? Do I still owe a use tax for an in-state private transaction. However, its up to me to report it?o_O:cool:
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  5. No_Regerts

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    My outstation was near the DOR office in Vancouver. Never saw a line there if you know what I mean.
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