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Sig Sauer p229 9mm $950

Discussion in 'Handgun Classifieds' started by wollow, Feb 7, 2013.

  1. wollow

    wollow silverton oregon Member

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    Some of you may call this a two-tone Sig Sauer P229 9mm w/ factory night sights. When it comes out of the safe at my house it is not known as such. My wife calls it the pretty one. In fact when she saw me taking pictures of it tonight she said, and I quote. "Aww, you're not going to sell the pretty one are you"? To that I replied "Yes dear and you do know there are other pretty guns out there". This next part is made up but I can picture it in my head.... "All right honey, I believe you, but you better not bring home one of those ugly *** Glocks"... LOLOLOL
    I know it doesn't have to be pretty to get the job done and yada yada yada, they are the best gun ever and you will put me on your ignore list for being ignorant. Thats ok, every child is beautiful to its mother.
    Enough of that. I am the original owner of this Sig. I bought it round about 2003 (no tactical rail). It has had about 400 +/- rounds down the pipe. It is in pristine condition with no blemishes that I can find. NSights look good to me but I don't have other guns with them to compare them against.
    What you get:
    1. super rare gun What makes it rare? Its the only Sig p229 that I own.
    2. 4 mags - 2 13's and 1 15's
    3. owners manual
    4. original gray case
    5. uncle mike's holster

    What I am looking for: Including but not limited to the following. If you have a trade please let me know what you are thinking as far as value.
    1. a pretty little compact 1911 in stainless or 2tone - springfield, kimber, colt (not one of the tiny pocket type ones)
    2. XDM 3.8 barrel in OD green and stainless slide. 9mm or 40cal + some cash
    3. buckmark rifle + some cash
    4. browning t-bolt 17hmr, ruger 17hmr or kimber 17hmr

    Not really interested in any hunting type guns, wheelies, taurus, khar and especially no glocks.

    Please feel free to let me know if I have any runon sentences, grammatical errors, spelling mistakes or if I have offended you in any other way, I would love to know (unless of course it is about the glocks) and it would make me feel better as a person to have them issues pointed out in front of everyone ; - )





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  2. ruggdogg87

    ruggdogg87 Tigard Active Member

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  3. wollow

    wollow silverton oregon Member

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