WTS OR Sig Sauer P220 Compact

Discussion in 'Handgun Classifieds' started by erikjill, Aug 6, 2015.

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  1. erikjill


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    About 6-7 years old, round count: Less than 500. Carried a little, mostly sat in my safe. Eats everything you feed it, including semiwadcutters, and is a very accurate gun. I bought a full size P220 and now I don't have room for this one.

    In very good condition with some minor wear on some of the sharp edges. Comes with two 6-round mags and box. It also accepts standard 8-round P220 mags which, with an aftermarket adapter, can make the compact feel like a standard P220.

    The gray smudge in the photos is just where I blurred out the S/N.

    Buyer must have current Oregon CHL. If you wait until Sunday we'll have to go through an FFL. :mad:


    20150728_151117.jpg 20150728_151150.jpg 20150728_151212.jpg 20150728_151235.jpg
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    These are great daily carry gun Shots! If I did not already have one I would nab it myself:)
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