sig sauer 556R - R is for Russian, 762x39 AK 47 round, uses AK mags, piston driven

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  1. supersixone


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    I have a nice used Sig 556R. It has about 300 rds through it. Very nice shooter. Accurate, and Sig Sauer quality. Dealer sent this gun back to Sig to have 2nd gen upgrades done to it 5 total, to allow for more reliable function with cheap steel core Russian type ammo, and to reduce wear.

    This is consider the Mercedes Benz of AK47s and its not an AK. It take Ak mags steel and polymer and even drums. It uses Sigs tried and true piston system. Check out the reviews, from AK experts. He says it shot 1 inch groups at 100yds, no ak he has fired could do that.

    WARRIOR TALK NEWS - My Impressions Of The SIG Sauer 556R

    1400$ OBO, comes with Sig Sauer Hard case and 2 30rd mags. choice of tapco or bulgarian smooth side. or one of each.

    SCOPE IN PICTURE DOES NOT COME WITH THE RIFLE, unless you want to add 300$.

    I need cash and would not be getting rid of it otherwise it is one of my favorite guns, and its not another bland AR.

    However, I love guns, so I cant say I wouldnt consider your trade offers.

    please no PMs. email at

    Location: Olympia Lacey Tacoma, reasonably close to everywhere.
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  2. Silver Fox

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    Since you own a Sig I shouldn't have to ask this question, but is that the real Trijicon TA33 caliberated for the 7.62x39? If so how'd you like it?

  3. Blitzkrieg

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    Check your PMs, offer sent
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