Sig Sauer 229 .40cal

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    Im looking to sell or trade my Sig Sauer 229 .40 Cal. in excellent condition. It is a 2008 model and I was told by NW Armory that it is the American/German made model. The frame was made in Germany (which it says in the frame) and the slide was made in the United Stated of America. It had Night sights and is blued. I got the gun used and I have fired one box of ammo down range. Im looking to sell it for $725 obo, or trade for a Glock 17 in good condition + cash. or 9mm..556/223 ammo, a good Honda or Yamaha generator + cash depending on how good, or maybe other bang bang toys. Sig comes with two 12rd magazines, Black Hawk Serpra holster, box and papers. Reply by text messaging or PM. Piucs will be posted later today.


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