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Discussion in 'General Firearm Discussion' started by ZA_Survivalist, Mar 25, 2016.

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    Hey fellas, well.. The one great thing about my Zastava CZ999 is it was a gateway gun for me to get into true sigs (well, budget sig) Never thought Id see the day where I said that..

    But I find myself really enjoying the ergos of the CZ999 and saw that the Sig P320 is kind of in that ballpark. But I think the SA trigger of the CZ999 is nearly representative of the Beretta 92. A little rougher of course, but a smooth shooter.

    So, I played with a p320 at Sportsmans Warehouse. The trigger pull wasnt too bad if I recall. Im also thinking about installing the "flatty" trigger from Apex.

    Any opinions about them?
    Good, bad?
    Mag availability?
    Holster options?

    Thinking about getting one of these pistols here soon, that or a G30 or G26.
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  2. DeanfromOregon

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    I like it. I didn't want to, but it grows on you.
    The trigger is good. Reset is awesome. Not anything bad.
    I got mags from sig and paid way too much for them.
    Got 2 holsters, IWB and OWB. I think the IWB was from sig proper and not sure where ihte OWb came from.
    Got the railed compact, but it was for my boy. If it were for me I would have got the smooth compact.

    Great little gun. Like it a lot.
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  3. Norwestr55

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    I wouldn't own one. That's why I have 5 not 1. :) Nothing bad to say other than that they're like potato chips, you'll have more than one. The modular design is a huge plus. I have a custom holster but I believe that availability is pretty wide spread among most of the manufacturers nowadays. Mag availability is good too but like all Sig mags they're not cheap. I've bought all of my mags for reasonable prices at Sig Talk classifieds. DO IT! :s0023:

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  4. 2A2Dend

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    Glock what?

    Sig 320?
    You will not be disappointed.
    I'd be hard pressed to choose between a CZ75 and the Sig 320. I'd buy both!
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  5. etrain16

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    I'll keep an eye on this thread. I had a Sig P250 because I liked the modular options, but didn't care for the trigger. I've had my eye on the 320 and would be interested in maybe adding one some day. It would be nice to actually get a chance to fire one first - if I had done that with the 250, I probably wouldn't have bought it in the first place.

    I wonder if @IheartSig has one??
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  6. dunerider21

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    Great gun, absolutely love mine! :) Good trigger and fits my hand great. I recently came across some pictures of a replacement grip module that has a laser built in, looks pretty sweet!
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  7. Oregon13

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    I love my p320c. I have the 9mm with medium grip size. The medium grip fits my average sized hands very well. Recoil is very manageable.
    I haven't had any functionality problems with it so far. I dropped one of the magazines in a muddy puddle last time I took it out to shoot. Wiped it off on my jeans, popped it in, and it emptied no problem. Used it for the rest of the day that way. I was shooting Magtech 115gr.
    Magazines are expensive, but it comes with 2, which is better than 1. The OWB holster that comes with the gun has served me just fine. I am in the market for a IWB holster at the moment. Will probably just pick up the AG 3.0.
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  8. IheartSig

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    I really enjoy my 320. I had hoped it would fill my Glock desires, but it didn't. That being said, its well worth the price point. I origionaly picked up a 250 but like @etrain16 stated the trigger pull on it left something to be desired. I find the 320 to be every bit as capebul and accurate right out of the box as my Glocks or XD's in fact. I put them all on the same level in terms of quality.

    The magazines have the typical Sig price problem. Looking around though will find you deals on them. I used for mine. He is local out of coos bay I believe and always has great prices on Sig magazines, that's where I go unless someone else is having a great sale.

    The 320 is a nice striker fired option and I do not think you will be disappointed. If I didn't already have a G19 I have put a lot of time and effort into making "perfect" for me, I would be daily carrying the 320.

    I can not help you as far as holsters are concerned. I am a lefty and I have given up looking for decent holsters from the store. I have my holsters made and finally found a local guy that makes a great product and listens to my concerns and desires for my carrying capabilities.
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  9. nwslopoke

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    I have one and an SP2022. I like the 2022 MUCH better. I think they cost less as well.

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