Sig P238 Two-Tone CCW Package

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    UPDATE: The pistol with SS trigger and original grips is SOLD. Tomorrow, I'll open up appropriate threads in the other sub-forums to sell off the accessories and ammo.

    Up for sale is my upgraded Sig P238. This package has everything you need for a great concealed carry setup, including a tuckable IWB holster from Clark County’s own RKBA Holsters, plenty of magazines, and some target and self-defense ammo. :gun08:

    I purchased this new just after Christmas in 2010 (my first new handgun purchase ever), and have put about 300 flawless rounds through it since then. While I love this little pistol and thought I’d never part with it, I’ve come to the realization that I simply prefer DA/SA over SAO for defensive carry. So it’s time to pass this one on and find something different.

    Package includes:
    Sig P238, .380 Auto, 2-Tone, Sig-Lite sights, Rosewood grips, with standard and X-grip mag, manufactured December, 2010. (Model 238-380-TSS-RG-X)
    Tillamook Precision stainless steel trigger (great upgrade – slightly shorter reset and smoother pull)
    Original box, manual, sample-tube of TW25 grease, and lock. If I find the little chamber flag and original plastic trigger, I’ll throw those in too.

    (These above items are now SOLD)

    These below items are still available:

    Hogue Extreme G-10 grips, Piranha texture, Grey/Black ($45 FTF)
    (3) X-grip 7-rnd magazines ($35/ea FTF, $100/all 3)
    (5) A-Zoom .380 Auto Snap Caps (Free to the first person that buys $100 worth of the other items)
    RKBA Tuckable IWB Holster, Black leather (rough-side out), Black stitching ($35 FTF)
    (3) boxes (50/ea) PMC 90gr FMJ ($15/box, or trade for similar in 9, 40, or 357SIG*)
    (1) box (50/ea) Blazer Brass 95gr FMJ ($15/box, or trade for similar in in 9, 40, or 357SIG*)
    (1) box (25/ea) Remington HD 102gr JHP ($20/box, or trade for decent 40 S&W JHP ammo)

    For trades, I would consider a like-new 357 SIG barrel for a P229 in exchange for some of the ammo or accessories (otherwise I don't have much interest in 357SIG ammo in trade though). I'll ship anything but the ammo for $5/order (provided it fits in a USPS small flat rate box). I don't want to deal with shipping ammo at this time, so it's FTF only. You can PM me or Email me via my profile.

    I’m asking $750 for the package – about 25% off new prices. Pistol SOLD per above, prices for other items listed above.

    FTF with a peek at your WA DL and CHL, or I’d be happy to meet you at your favorite Portland-area FFL for OR residents (any transfer fees and background checks by the buyer). Bill of sale for both of our protection – First and Last name and the last 5 digits from your DL number are the only personal information recorded.

    Here’s how it looked the day I brought it home (stock):

    And here’s photos taken 12/2/12 (upgraded):
    Right side (serial is edited)

    Left side

    With X-mags and holster



    Barrel smiley (hardly anything there)


    In full disclosure, there is the slightest amount of holster rub visible in the top corners of the slide at the muzzle end. I tried to get a photo of it, but could not actually capture it because it’s so small.
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    Fantastic Gun!!!! surprisingly accurate sub compact pistol. Good luck!
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