Sig P226 Blackwater Tactical 9mm

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    This gun is essentially the (9mm) P226 Tactical Operations. When the Tac Ops came out originally it was called the Blackwater Tactical. When Blackwater shut its doors, Sig stopped making the gun. They basically removed the Blackwater markings and renamed it as the Tac Ops.

    Functionally it is the same gun. It has the Nitron finish, the same beavertail frame, front cocking serrations, the SRT (short reset trigger), TFO (tritium fiber optic) front sight, Siglite rear sight, extended grips to help cover the larger magazines, and the 4; 20 round mags.

    The only differences are that this gun:
    - Has a laser engraved Blackwater "paw print" logo on the slide
    - Blackwater "paw print" logos on the grips instead of the standard "226"
    - Blackwater printed on the right side of the slide near the muzzle
    - Is no longer made

    Pics are here:
    DSCN1060 | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
    DSCN1059 | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
    DSCN1058 | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
    DSCN1054 | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
    DSCN1056 | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

    A quick check on google/gunbroker will show what these guns are still going for. Oh, I forgot to mention in my initial message that I will be including a holster and mag carrier with the gun as well. I had Raven Concealment make them. They are kydex and fit specifically for the P226 and its mags so I would have no more use for them once the gun is gone. The holster is made to be a light bearing (for the surefire X300; not included) but holds the gun just fine without the light as well. Those cost me about $140 after shipping.

    I love this gun to death, it has put 550 rounds downrange and been cared for meticulously. The only reason I am even considering trading it out is because I am worried that by the time I get the rest of the money to finish building my AR, I won't be able to build it.

    $1300... might consider trades for certain AR lowers, or other good modern pistols plus cash on your end. If you have questions just email me and see. I have pics too but taking to long to load on here, just email if you want to see it.


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